Sony PSX Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter for PSP a super old school game which I took from the deepest part of the earth's core.

Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter is still being played on arcades and some other platforms even if it's old already I am not sure if there's a new retail of this published recently. Anyway I don't really play this kind of game it's just other request of the day so I had it published.

I'm not even sure if this is working or not, Oh I almost forgot the file is PBP in order to play this you have to rename the file to EBOOT.PBP and create a folder called Marvel vs Street Fighter and put teh EBOOT.PBP inside then copy the file on E:/PSP/GAME/ of your memory stick.

That's it for now hope you enjoy playing Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter PSX for PSP.

Name: Marvel vs Street Fighter
Size: 295.5MB (309868937 bytes)