I wonder how old this particular gmae is? I am assuming this became available even before the dinosaur era lol. Way to go for the developers of this reviving old school g4mes for our consoles.

If you were born during the 80's then you should played this already I experienced playing this on my Nintendo Family Computer imagine how long has the been? But it's good to know that they're are trying to revive something that we played in the past and applying better and newer technology on them.

I tried this myself but I did not had the interest of finishing it because it's annoying and unfair fighting with so many enemies throwing non stop colorful bullets, missiles, bombs etc. that are so difficult to avoid. Im not sure if it has an ad hoc or wifi support so your friends can lend a hand.

Name: Strikers 1945.cso
Size: 58.4MB (61205800 bytes)