Is a pit mobile headquarters which I have no idea about and mostly search by people who want's to watch online. I already had the chance of watching the movie online but I forgot where I got it from or what site.

But that's not important because I should be talking about the details of the gme not the film. Another is wilhelm scream that is so important to look for but again I have no idea what I am talking about here because I haven't played this myself so if you want to know or get decent details about this go to wiki it's a reliable source of information. Another place to go is IGN or GS if you want read reviews.

Note: in order for you to be able to play this on your consoles make sure you apply the PPF below otherwise it will not work.

Note:Now Playable!!! - use this Patch and the program to patch the iso.

Name: GI-JOE The Rise of Cobra.iso
Size: 1.1GB (1164470272 bytes)