Hello I am not sure if this is underground for real or it is undercover if you look at the bottom the name of the file is the first one mentioned but for sure I tested this and it is indeed working.

I am suppose to finish it but when I started this site my time got sucked by publishing more and more PlayStation Portable g4mes here. I don't know but when I unshared most the links I had to edit all the pages I created to get higher ranks on SERPs which a good thing for me. Wahhh noooooo I have shifted teh topic let's go back to NFS I am an avid fan of Need for Speed releases I patronize it during PS1's until now my own thoughts about this release is that it's superb they never change but they keep on improving and things are just getting better and better.

Okay that's all I want to say but can someone give me cheats to easily finish this like constant nitro? and by the way the requirements of this is again a console with Custom Firmware of any version :)

Name: NFS Underground.iso
Size: 1.4GB (1470756864 bytes)