This was originally made for the PlayStation console and ported to PlayStation Portable. Critics say there's nothing new about this almost everything is the same from First Departure in which players who played the latter release may get frustrated.

The story is brand new though which may interest all of the RPG fans out there, I read on IGN that this is highly recommended due to the success of the Star Ocean First Departure. In closing the reviewer said the this is better the the older release. It was given a score of 8.0 there. While gamespy criticize it because of the fact that again there's almost nothing new that maybe of interest although they gave it a score of "Great".

You may already know that I do not play RPG's so what I wrote here is just based on what I read from review sites. This is just to fill this site up and get on SERPS with high ranking so If you have anything to say opinions, clarifications or reactions share them via the comments below.

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