This is just another retarded wannabe sports g4me which is scripted violent and non sense to me. Sorry folks I hate WWE as I say this is stupid and vulgar that does nothing but trick people that they are strong and good in fighting but they're just trying hard monkeys. I do not know why this is so popular and the day it was release people are craving and can't sleep waiting for it to come out of stores and become available for download on some sites, forums, blogs etc.

If you hate me because I criticize this I am inviting you to fight me lol just kidding but I'm gonna sm4ck you down in case your serious :P tounges out hahaha apologies but I dont really like this whatever you do or say you cannot change that.

Right I think I've said too much about this many people might flame me If I did not stop hahaha apologies folks but I just cant say anything about this so I had to criticize it but really Im not a fan of this.

Name: WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2009.cso
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