There are many ways of knowing what a DLC is but the problem is I do not know what it is and how to get one well that's contrary to what I mentioned on my prelude I am suppose to be providing a guide or walktrough how to obtain it but I said I do not know where this article is going.

Here we go again looking for cheats all over the internet but always find useless and non working cheats especially when you go here because I dont really provide any so if you landed here then sorry that's all I can say I am just a noob who's making some experiment whether this would work or not.

If it did not workout then that's okay I have aces anyway who went top so I think that's a stepping atone of aspiring to a higher position through learning.

Learning only stops when you cannot breath anymore so yes I will do my best to get a grasps of this thing so way to go for me and good luck.

Name: Disgaea 2 Dark Hero Days USA.iso
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