This is the new Gran Turismo for PSP, I was the first to obtain this game and many people have gone to this site to download Gran Turismo for free.

It did not work at first but I provided a tutorial below how to fix and make it working on your PSP.

I am not sure if this is Gran Turismo 5 but what else should it be called? Many series of Gran Turismo had been released in the past and this should have had a codename or something to be easily recognize.

Or maybe this is Gran Turismo 3 which is which? Can someone give me an idea what the name of the release is whether this is Gran Turismo 3, 4 or 5.

Since Gran Turismo 5 car list is popular I will assume that this is indeed Gran Turismo 5, Correct if I am wrong anyone.

gran turismo 5 release date was April 15, 2008 in North America and became available for download April 17, 2008 two days after it was released.

Name: Gran-Turismo.iso
Size: 1GB (1097826304 bytes)


Update: Working version (patched)

Name: Gran-Turismo-Fixed.iso
Size: 1GB (1097811968 bytes)


How to make Gran Turismo work on any CFW:

Sure fix tested to work on 5.00m33-6/5.03MHU/5.03GEN-A

Note: Apply this only if you downloaded the first file which is a raw iso file (unpatch)

The files you need:

1. Gran-Turismo.iso
2. Patched Gran Turismo EBOOT.BIN:
Megaupload: EBOOT.BIN
MediaFire: Download
Uploading: Download
FileSavr: Download
FileDropper: Download

3. UMDGenv4

Now updated with absolutely working tutorial!!!


1. Download all the files needed.
2. Open UMDGenv4
3. Click open then locate the file Gran-Turismo.iso



4. Click on File List Export


5. Save the file as GT.txt or anything.


6. Drag the EBOOT.BIN you downloaded above and Click Yes to replace the existing file


7. Click on File List Import


8. Locate GT.txt you saved earlier on Step 5



9. Click on Save Uncompressed (*.iso) and name it anything you want


10. Put the final product on the ISO folder of your memory stick