Final Fantasy VII consists of three modes: an overworld map, field maps, and a battle screen.

The overworld map is a 3D model, featuring a scaled-down version of the game's fictional world which the player navigates to travel between the game's locations.

As with preceding games in the series, the world map can be traversed by foot, on emu-like chocobos, airship, or submarine.

On field maps, characters are directed across realistically scaled environments, consisting of 2D pre-rendered backgrounds which represent locations such as towns or forests.

The battle screen is a 3D representation of an area, such as a building's interior or an open grassland, in which the player commands the characters in battles against CPU-controlled enemies.

While characters are super deformed on maps, the character models are more realistic and normal-scaled in combat.

Final Fantasy VII is the first game in the series to have character models with fully-rendered polygons, rather than 2D sprites.

Initially, the player is restricted to exploring the city of Midgar, but as the game progresses, the entire world becomes accessible to the player.

Progression through the game's storyline is largely developed by way of scripted sequences, although pre-rendered cinematic cut scenes sometimes also advance the story.

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