This is for Sony PlayStation Portable, There is a DS version of this and it is quite popular and being searched on the internet. I think the NDS is better compared to this because it is touch screen just for this specific game only others I wouldnt recommend due to bad graphics. You can play NDS roms on our PS Portable consoles using emulator but amongst what I tried there isn't any good but they're slow with few bugs and glitches that needs to get fix.

What I liked about this are the levels you can choose from but they are lock unless you finish Level 1 onwards or you can use some cheats to easily finish this or do you think a cheat is necessary? Maybe better if we use an English - Spanish dictionary which we can use to based our answers from.

I just read some details about this on wiki and it seems there are different languages that the developer release for French / Dutch and other I can't remember.

Name: My Spanish Coach.cso
Size: 113.1MB (118624886 bytes)