It seems like many are searching for cheats to easily finish this title and I am one of those who are looking as well :) While some are just looking for walktrhoughs to get at least an idea how to beat a certain boss. I am kinda confuse what keyword I should use when searching on the internet should it be walk thru or walkthrough which is which? what about walkthru that's without a space but will something come up?

I dont know maybe I better test it all and see what's the best, There are cheat codes available everywhere so if you landed here with that then sorry I cant you any neither do walkthroughs because I dont really use any lol.

There is nothing to talk about now I just hope yo enjoy playing this with the cheats you find somewhere else.

Name: Prince of Persia Rival Swords.iso
Size: 962.2MB (1008887808 bytes)