This is version for the PlayStation Portable which I have no idea about, I think this is based on the comic book written by someone whom I do not know. I'm gonna writing something which I am clueless just to be able to write or add something here so If you are reading this please stop now and proceed at the bottom to get the link because I'm just going to bubble and you may not like it.

Alright so what should we target here? Hmmm let me think I really can think any but would cheats work? I dont think so It may but Im still gonna be at the bottom maybe I still have have to learn something to get on top I know there some information I need to know to get on top and I will surely learn that somehow.

Have you been on a state where you had to deal with a brown nose colleague? Where he slanders you and the others just to get on top? Even though his ignorant with the job your doing? All he does is make himself clean while he utters bad things about you when in front of a boss? How can you deal that? lols it's non sense There is karma anyway so good luck.

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