When I saw this I immediately put it on my console because I knew my girlfriend would love it and so she did but it only took her 3 days to finish which made her think it's not the best of puzzle types.

If you want a challenge within this category then I tell you this is not what you are looking for better try something else, I am assuming the targeted audience of the developers were kids and not adults.

If I weer you I'll try and get Hot Brain which I tried myself and got amazed of teh execution. It is not a typical board game though like this but still if your looking for puzzle brain melting geam then try it.

Ahhh I need to add more but cant think of any to add so hope this lines ends it and make the page looking tidy. Nope need to include some other things like solver, rules etc.

Name: Scrabble.iso
Size: 20.6MB (21651456 bytes)