There is nothing to bluff about this as I already have the necessary niche embedded here and besides this is not a trend anymore, Just as a collection and to have a content on this site.

But I guess it's still worth trying some keys like Torrents , cwcheat and many others that may get us on top. But I guess it's not good enough as my title talks about different stuffs so I am not expecting this to rank whatsoever.

I am out of things to say this time but I need to add more well just some thoughts about this as I played it myself, I do not recommend it due to poor controls mapped on the buttons of the console which is difficult to get along with and not easy to manage not sure what kind of strategy or tactic you need to do in order to easily control it while playing.

I think that's enough so good luck...

Name: Worms Open Warfare 2.iso
Size: 78.2MB (81949068 bytes)