I need to write something about this title and I'm glad because I tried this myself which means I wont bubble nor speak of non sense things.

I will be writing a quick review, It seems to have been designed for 8 years old and below because there's not much you can get on the gam3 not even activities like pressing buttons and having interactions with the environment it was full of dialogues just like an RPG type but this was labeled action so I wonder why it was designed to contain many conversation with the bot characters.

You can almost watch within the entire level just pressing few buttons and the rest is nothing you do not need a cheat just to finish it not even a walkthrough because it's for babies who are in the middle of brain development like learning colors describing shapes that's basic it is. This is good for your young children and not recommended for the big boys.

Name: Spongebob Squarepants The Yellow Avenger.ISO
Size: 124.9MB (130994176 bytes)