This was an original request by someone from the chatbox.

I published this but to be honest I am clueless about this release.

It took me ages to get this that caused the delay, I got it somewhere in the archives of nowhere so here you go. :) Hope you enjoy it...

If you're the one who asked for this will you kindly provide some kind of a review, thoughts or at least a comment to add as an information on this site if it is worth downloading?

Or it will just be a waste of time and bandwidth for everyone who will d0wnload it for free?

This is a cso file not an iso with 445.4MB in size. There are g4me saves available for this on other sites to easily finish it if your lazy doing it on your own.

Name: Warrirors of The Lost Empire.cso
Size: 445.4MB (466993947 bytes)