This is not the best that you can try with it's title. I know this became popular but I hardly recommend this to all because there is nothing that can be of interest when you play it. Almost everything has glitches like controls, graphics, execution, characters everything suckz so If I were you I wont put this on my console because it's just a waste of space on your memory stick.

Even if you read on through review sites like IGN first they talked about how it went when played then at the end you will sense negative commentary so as I said this is not worth to be saved on our mems.

Maybe cheats is more important than having this put on our PlayStation Portables? lols Because without using cheats it's useless so if I were you I wont heed this lines of text because it's non sense so good luck :)

Name: Star Trek Tactical Assault.iso
Size: 243.4MB (255197184 bytes)