I am rewriting this post because it was copied and scraped totally by several sites causing search engines to not or lower down the crawl rate.

But that's not important now what I am up to is provide quality links of releases for free in this site. I can see that others are using torrents as an alternative but there are many back draws using a torrent like unclean files, viruses etc. so I am not going to use such, sometimes leechers do not seed so it becomes slow at that point. Again Im not gonna resort into using torrent but that's my target keyword so good luck to me.

Another is system requirement this will tell us what we need to be able to play this brilliant release from EA sports. Well as I always mention the system requirement will always be the same but with this particular release needs to be fix first by applying the patch so all you need is follow the instructions below and note that you should have a custom firmware to be able to do so.

Name: FIFA10.cso
Size: 888.1MB (931258018 bytes)


How to make this working on any firmware:

The files you need:
1. UMDGenv4
2. Decrypted EBOOT.BIN (I used Yoshihiro's Decrypter v3)

1. Open UMDGenv4
2. Click Open
3. Locate FIFA10.cso

4. Click File List Export
5. Save the file as FIFA10.txt

6. Click the + sign beside PSP_GAME
7. Click or highlight SYSDIR
8. Drag the EBOOT.BIN you downloaded here on UMDGenv4.
9.Click Yes to replace existing file.

10.Click on File List Import
11.Locate FIFA10.txt you save earlier on step 5
12.Click Yes to force file positions to match FileList positions

13.Click Save Uncompressed (*.iso)
14.Name it anything you want. FIFA10 would be nice. :)

15.Put the game on your memory stick ISO folder. Enjoy playing...