This was made in Korea by a Developer company named Sonnori.

It was released June 6, 2006 or 6/6/06 (what 666?) what a number!!! Scary isn't it?

Published by Ubisoft. This is a typical RPG where you will play as "Knight Lloyd".

Your mission is to to recover the Wand of Kinan, a sacred relic stolen from your protection.

There was an ambush in the past and Loyd was the only knight who survive.

In order to accomplish your mission, You must summon your strength, magic, seek help from wizards,various fighters, mages and other powerful allies to find the Wand.

Rated by IGN as 5.5 and GS with 6.0 that's not bad isn't it?

Name: Astonishia Story.ISO
Size: 69.9MB (73265152 bytes)