I can't find a creator for this particular post but Im sure there are lots of creator out there that we can target another aside from creator is cheat we can use cheats to easily finish and beat the bosses if we are having difficulty.

But as I always say using a cheat will not help us become self reliant because those are considered spoilers and they make no sense and sometimes cheats do not work. Please take not that this originally came from an iso and then compressed to a cso and this should work on any custom firmware. I can guarantee that because I tested it myself.

I wonder if torrent is worth trying but I cannot create a torrent now because it is already uploaded as a single file and you can get it directly by just using any browser. That's it for now hope what I wrote is enough to get indexed.

Name: Ben 10 Alien Force.cso
Size: 762.7MB (799728179 bytes)