I am looking for a summary of this as it seems to be a popular book but it's difficult to find one. I think it would be nice to look for the summary on bookstores for sure they have it, but I cant decide which store to go to maybe I'll check more somewhere on the internet for that summary as I badly want to see it if it's worth buying. I made this available here because hello asked for it to be uploaded.

I am clueless about this and again not interested in playing well maybe just to be able to write something about it.

Or maybe not because I do not have that much time, As my Son grows his becoming more rambunctious and uncontrollable but his fun as I watch him grow.

Lol that's drama of my life. Let's go back to what this is all about.

In this g4me you will play as Saphira the Dragon, control her as you fight the enemies.

It is based on the Movie with the same title and the book written by Christopher Paolini.

GS gave it a score of 6.30 while IGN gave a score of 6.4 almost the same.

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