Jackass The Game for PSP a crazy, wacky, freaky game call whatever you want it with.

The TV series is so popular that people are looking for Jackass the game walkthrough all over the internet and good thing I have JACKASS.cso here for Sony PSP.

It is 690.9MB (724506054 bytes) in size. I am not sure if jackass the game cheats is applicable for the PSP version but I think it's worth a try it wont hurt anyway.

I am watching the TV series in the past but I am unsure it is still alive is it?

People are also searching about jackass the game grenade golf which is a popular level as well as the controls on PSP maybe because the controls are difficult to manage.

Jackass The Game for Sony PSP is not the best game out there but I hope they improve the graphics and add more stunts etc.

Name: JACKASS.cso
Size: 690.9MB (724506054 bytes)