I know this post is late you might have obtain this already from somewhere else but I'm still publishing it here anyway.

For those who dot have this yet on their consoles here's your chance to enjoy 1 click direct d0wnl0ad from a super fast server.

This is tested to work on 5.50 GEN B2 Custom Firmware. I haven't tested it on M33 yet but if you want to you can do so.

I included a ripkit on but again it does not patch it for M33 only for 5.50 GEN B2 Custom Firmwares.

It is very important to note that you set the driver to M33 on the VSH Menu.


1. Create and customize your Marvel Dream Team

2. Team up with your Ultimate Alliance

3. Choose a side in Marvel's Civil War

4. Wield Next-Gen superpower in fully destrcutible environments

5. Fight Fear with fusion

Here is a Ripkit that you can use to make the game work: MUA2-RipKit


1. Double click marvel.exe
2. Click select
3. Choose the file you want to rip (Marvel_Ultimate_Alliance_2_USA_PSP.ISO)
4. Click start (wait for the process to finish)
5. Put the final product on the ISO folder of your memory stick Pro Duo.

Leave some comments if the game work on M33 or if you have any questions and suggestions...

Name: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2.iso
Size: 1.7GB (1788569600 bytes)