There are many ways obtaining a save file for this particular gaem one of which is looking for it on search engines and typing the keyword save file or you can reverse it like file save I had one of those actually my our dog ate it lolz how I wish that's possible.

Please ignore me I just trying to make you laugh at this point because your face looks too serious, You know what instead of that let's talk about how you can obtain data I think data is a better keyword because there is low competition on that and more people are looking for that.

I wonder why people are so crazy with data? Why dont we just look for cheats? I think it's better? Because it's no hassle looking and using one cwcheat is another way of ranking because there's not much people in it but due to myself who can't say anything else I think I need to stop now and republish this because I saying non sense words already. :)

Name: Disgaea Afternoon of Darkness.iso
Size: 924.9MB (969801728 bytes)