Right I do not know what to write about this but I am always up to bubble :). It's because I am lazy to read the details of it on wiki and read some reviews in addition I have no interest playing this gaem.

If you are reading this can you please write some review for me by leaving it via the comments, I would be glad to publish it and credit you for doing so, In return I will send you all the latest releases via your mail. I am not kidding talk to me on the CB and let's discuss it.

Well I think I should really say something about this let's look at the picture on the left what comes to mu mind is that it looks scary, Oh my lady burning head? or hair? that's scary for real. Do not bum me sir cause I'm a bummer already lolz.

Ah I need to add some more... But Im out of words to say man I am not a writer I am a programmer I write codes not articles, I think I better just shut up now, Hope this is enough... Whew...

Name: Undead Knights USA.iso
Size: 300.5MB (315067374 bytes)