As I always say I never play RPG beacuse I hate story base gam3s with many dialogues which is so boring to me I want action where I participate rather than watch the characters move by themselves.

This was asked to put here by someone from the chat, If not then I could have had no interest publishing it here. It seems like cwcheat is so popular with this title and people are crazy looking for them I do not know when was the release date of this but still many people seems to be looking for cwcheat to be honest I do not know how to use a cwcheat but I bet it's not that difficult.

If you want a decent review you can always go to IGN or GS and better and reliable information is wiki they have everything you want to know. IGN provides walkthrough as well.

Please take note that this is not an iso but a cso you can convert it using UMDGenv4 if you want...

Name: Monster Kingdom Jewel Summoner.cso
Size: 460.8MB (483182401 bytes)