I played this myself and I liked it, When I was young I wanted to be an inventor and create a difference in this world something that can help the entire humanity just like the old inventors did and when I saw and tried this gaem that memory flashed back.

Have you thought of the same? You know those fantasies that you dream about like the flying cars? Yes This is a race about flying cars on a limited space like a tube which is for me a glitch If I were the developer I could have made the tracks opened type not on a tube like space where you can almost hit everyone even yourself.

If you've seen state shift this is almost similar it's just that the cars their are land base with huge tires whereas this are floating objects... I just made this possible through request. If you have anything on your mind that you would like to be seen here because you cannot find them anywhere then I'll make them available for you.

Name: Wipeout Pure.cso
Size: 154.8MB (162298153 bytes)