There are many ways how to obtain a walktrhough for this one of which is searching through Googel or participating on forum discussions. One of my favorite site when Im looking for a walkthrough is IGN or GameFaqs those are reliable sources of walkthroughs.

Sometimes they provide screenshots even videos because plain text is difficult to follow and confusing sometimes. I wonder how IGN provide those high quality screenshot on their site, I use irshell then press the ♪ button on the console which will automatically save an image on the photos folder of your memory stick.

Aside from those that were mentioned the site provides cheats as well which is a popular trend being searched by people around the world specifically for the PlayStation Portable. But using cheats is not practical sometimes as always highlighted on my previous articles that thrill looses when you use cheats so I do not recommend using any.

Name: Untold Legends Brotherhood of The Blade.iso
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