Im not going to expect that this page is going to rank or even index because competition is so high unless I target cwcheat then I may but this is not what it is all about so I'm just giving this to others.

When I first saw this release I thought the title with the tv series and the cartoon have long died and dug deep on the earth's core. I think this has been around for many decades now and it's cool to know that it's all coming back and this time for our Sony PlayStation Portable where we could bring and play anywhere.

I am not sure if this is working or not on any Custom Firmware and if you need some sort of a patch or ripkit to make this work and for you to be able to play on your consoles Oh wait I remember now something just flash on my head and yes I confirm that this is working on M33-6, 5.03 MHU 3.60 and all versions of GEN because I played this myself already but I did not liked it so it got deleted on my memory quickly.

Name: Ghostbusters the video game.cso
Size: 665.3MB (697617218 bytes)