This is one of the best that I played on my PlayStation Portable.

No wonder why many people asked this to be uploaded here.

I liked the graphics and the controls, Although I haven't read the story of this It's making me want to finish it in full.

I never really finish any on my portable console other than God of War which is my number one all time favorite.

I am adding this to the list. I will definitely finish this one

If I were you I'll put this on my priority to be downloaded. I guarantee you will not neglect playing this.

I don't know why review sites rated it as a mediocre for me this is a nice but not sure why they're criticizing the story.

As I say i haven't had the chance of really playing it in full it was a quick play and I liked it considering this is my first time playing Assassins Creed.

Just to let you know IGN gave this a score of 6.9 and GS with 5.5?

How about you? What score would you give it? Leave comments and let me know...

Update: Someone reported that the ripkit is not working for them so I patched it myself and put it on MU

Name:Assassin's Creed Bloodlines.cso (fixed)


Name:Assassin's Creed Bloodlines.iso (untouched iso)
Size:772.1MB (809631744 bytes)


This aint gonna work without applying the patch.

Use this ripkit to make it working:
MediaFire:Mirror 1
Adrive: Mirror 2


Note: The patch is archive with 7z you can download that for free or you can use winrar as an alternative

1. Double click to run ACB.exe (You should have extracted the file already)
2. Click SELECT
3. Locate and select Assassin's Creed Bloodlines.iso
4. Click START and wait until it's finish (do not close the program at this point)
5. It will ask you for your language (The box has a different language so avoid being confuse) I chose English.
6. Click Apply RipKit. (Wait until it's done)
7. It will ask you if you want to compress to cso (some reported lags when on cso so I recommend leaving it to iso)
8. It will ask you if you want to copy the file to your console (I chose no as I want to rename the file and copy it myself)
9. The final product will have a name of ripped.iso on the files folder e.g
10. You can rename the file or leave it as it is then copy it to your E:/ISO folder.

credits to TEAM SCC for the brilliant release.

Hope you enjoy this...