Request by your_guy. I converted the game myself using POPSGUI 3.0 BETA and it worked great.

Aku-Aku has no sound when speaking though but that's not relevant and almost not needed.

I am currently playing the game and Im enjoying it. I remember back in high school After school time we did nothing with my friends but play this game we had so much fun.

Your mission is to win each stage with 1st place to unlock another portal.

Use different weapons such as grenade, rocket launcher, exploding tube, nitro, TNT and many more to destruct your enemy and leave them behind during the race.

There are boss stages like Ripper Roo whom you will need to beat after finishing 3 or 4 portals.

I found it easy and almost not challenging since I finished the game many times already on my PS1.

I think you can finish the game for 1 to 3 hours :D

Name: Crash Team Racing.rar
Size: 357.3MB (374615882 bytes)