This is a dating simulation type published and developed by Konami.

Where you a nerd or a jack in school?

Either way, This gives you the opportunity to do it all over again.

Interact with the student body and find the girl/guy of your dreams!

Take them on dates at the mall, movies, beach or if you're really lucky,

The Senior Prom! If you only knew then, what you know now.

- Style is everything in school, create you own unique look

- Create and edit your own male or female character

- Take a study break with 21 Knickers, The Boogie Tron 5000, and more..

Sometimes you will also be asked a favor, and if you agree to do this, the student whom you helped might give you someone's phone number.

Name: Brooktown High.iso.cso
Size: 663MB (695207794 bytes)