Game request by Kent, just to let you know that all your request can be found on the Facebook discussion page.

PSX: Thousand Arms is an RPG game dubbed as a romantic comedy RPG.

What's that? Yes it is I myself just heard of that the first time.

So there are games like that huh?! Okay forgive me as I just cant say anything about this game.

The main character is Meis Triumph who is known to be a womanizer lazy and yes stubborn.

But he suddenly changed when the Dark Acolytes force him to leave his home.

One cool feature that a gamer may like about this game is the Dating Simulation.

It offers dating locations in many of its major cities and towns, and a diverse cast of nine women.

And the best feature is that you can ask to allude a night of sex with a female character during a date, she states that "the game isn't rated for that".

Name: Thousand Arms.rar
Size: 938.5MB (984131126 bytes)