Innovative hex-based battle gric system allows more tactical positioning options , such as Formation Arts and Combination
Arts, as opposed to the traditional square-based battle grid.

Over 60 stages containing a wide array of mission objectives, as well as numerous optional battles.

Almost endless party customization with over 20 unique job classes to choose from such as Berserker, Elementalist, Grappler,
Geomancer and Sacred Slayer.

Extensive material creation options to create more powerful weapons, spell books and armor by combining rare materials obtained be sending out hired mercenaries to scavenge throughout the world of Flagia.

US-exclusive inclusion of a Music Library containing selected tracks from that game.

Name: Wild Arms XF.rar
Rar Size: 130MB (136275101 bytes)
CSO Size: 1.04 GB (1,125,612,997 bytes)