I have been looking for a live review tactics for this title as I want to buy great players and organize the top players that I can use for a competition. The live players seems to be worth trying as well because I heard they last longer and takes a long time to get tired compared to others.

I kept a wonderkid list and I will surely include that here once I get the chance or time so be sure to bookmark this page or become a fan on Facebook.

Anyway going back with the topic you may need to build the best tactics to use during a competition otherwise the bot or a friend of yours will laugh at you and bombard you with goals, Choose young players as they are the one's who tires the least. Ask tips from a coach or a friend who's been into the sport if your a newbie.

And the best use cheats, tips, hints, codes and potentially use codes to easily beat all the teams. You can also read tutorials how to play it.

I read the review on IGN but they did not write any yet maybe because it is new.

Name: Football Manager 2010.cso
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