Developed by Relentless Software and published by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.

Released December, 17 2009 but It did not became available anywhere for D0WNL0AD until I saw it somewhere and only a few blogs and site have this.

Maybe it's not really that popular, upon reading reviews at IGN the writer said it is a step backward which I did not get what he meant lol.

On my own point of view, I tried the latter releases of the Buzz game series but what's not good with the game was the quizzes are not challenging as a mater of fact it's boring.

If I were to compare this with Hot Brain I would highly recommend Hot Brain as the Quizzes are for real challenging and not boring compared to Buzz.

For rating IGN gave this a score of 5.9 a Mediocre...

Name: Buzz Quiz World USA.iso
Size: 1015.1MB (1064370176 bytes)