Back with an old school game. This has been sitting on my archive for a long time waiting to be publish but over ridden by newly released games.

MX vs ATV Untamed appears to have not become successful during it's released as a matter of fact like the other games I published it was criticized.

They say that rather than fun it is frustrating. Gamespot gave it a rate of 5.5 while IGN with 7.2 dubbed "DECENT"...

The game experience on XBOX360 and PS3 was different compared to the PSP which took the most criticism.

I have no interest playing this game because of the criticism I read on review sites.

It's up to you to decide whether you want to try this or not. You can watch the trailer below and see for yourself if this is worth downloading.

Name: MX-vs-ATV-Untamed.rar
Size: 152.2MB (159567449 bytes)