Kondor Corp. sent a reconnaissance expedition to Phytar 4 months ago. The primary objective of the mission was to assess the planet's available resources.

The operation was a great success and uncovered the existence of enormous stocks of valuable raw materials. Considering the quantities and the high quality of these raw materials, Kondor Corp. can expect this to be a highly efficient and profitable mining operation.

But our scouts also reported sighting a number of deserted settlements belonging to an as yet unknown race. The architecture and infrastructure in the settlements suggest that this race attained a high level of technology before they left the planet for unknown reasons. Apart from the usual flora and fauna, our scouts were unable to find any living creatures that might have once used the settlements.

The scouts also reported a number of anomalies on the surface of the planet - concentrations of energy that interact with their environment. These energy channels reacted to our presence and avoided our scout's attempts to approach them.

The lower image was taken by one of our cameras. It shows one of the anomalies somehow connected to rocks before it fled from our scouts. We have to find out how to utilize this mobile source of energy.

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