Tadaaa... Her comes


a combination of different genres such as rhythm, strategy, action, light RPG plus mini-game collection.

Patapon seems to be popular since it has a rating of 9.0 on gamespot and 9.2 on IGN.

Maybe it's the uniqueness of the game that made it popular.

There are

Patapon cheats

and walk-through available to easily finish this game if your into doing that lol.

Specially if you cannot beat the boss which is indeed difficult to beat.

I tried playing the game and What you basically need to do is follow the beat using the buttons on your PSP.

The characters looks cute and weird, they're like small ants marching to their destination.

I'm not sure but I think the main goal is to reach Earthend that's what they call it.

Name: Patapon.rar
Size: 160.8MB (168580191 bytes)