At last I got a hold of this game, Many asked for NBA 10 The Inside but I just didn't had the interest of publishing it here.

Because I am a fan of EA Sports NBA Live, I haven't tried this so I wont be able to give you any comparison between NBA Live 10, NBA2K10 and NBA10 The Inside.

I tried NBA2K10 but still NBA Live 10 is the best for me.

Although the graphics is not the best in the world I would still recommend NBA Live 10.

I read comments on youtube and majority says NBA 10 The Inside is better than NBA Live 10 and NBA2K10.

Even if the graphics was poorly developed people said the gameplay is better than the other two mentioned.

IGN gave it a rate of 7.0 and gamespot with none? critics score of 7..

Now you decide which among them is the best download all three and ask yourselves who's the best.

Let the world know by leaving a comment below....

I'll update this with NBA 10 The Inside trailer later...

Name: NBA 10 The Inside.iso
Size: 1GB (1087471616 bytes)