First, the game featured a seamless graphical transition between the overworld, towns, and flight, which all utilized the same graphical engine and scale.

Many other RPGs before and since have relied on miniature, less detailed representations of towns when a player is exploring the overworld (e.g. the PlayStation 1 Final Fantasy series) or flying (e.g. Dragon Quest VIII).

This feature helped to make the Guardian's Crusade world more immersive and is an impressive accomplishment given the technical limitations of the PlayStation console.

Second, the game implemented a system that allowed players to choose whether or not to engage in battles.

Enemies on the overworld and in dungeons were represented by different sized ghosts which would wander the landscape and chase after the player, but could be avoided through speed or stealth.

Large aggressive pink ghosts represented enemy monsters with higher levels than the player.

Enemies at a lower level were represented by smaller white ghosts that would actually flee from the player. This mechanic provided a visual indicator of how powerful the player character was becoming.

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