Wild Arms 2 is an RPG game, which will take you to several different environments, battle enemies, brain melting puzzles.

The game is presented in an isometric fashion where the player has an overhead view of all the action taking place on a particular screen.

While character are represented as two-dimensional sprites, backgrounds and environments are instead rendered in 3D.

The game's camera is centered on the currently controlled character, which can be rotated by the player through 360 degrees.

In order to advance, the player must overcome a number of story-based scenarios and sequences that involving navigating through dungeons while fighting monsters and other enemies that appear randomly every few steps.

Oncoming battles are indicated by a speech balloon with an exclamation mark appearing over the character's head, and can in some instances be avoided.

Characters progress and grow by gaining experience points after a battle and thereby gain levels, giving them better statistics and making them able to battle increasingly difficult enemies.

Progressively more powerful armor and weapons can be purchased for each character from specialized shops in towns throughout the world, and new skills can be learned to help the player complete tougher challenges.

Special devices called "Tools" unique to each character allow the player to traverse otherwise impassable situations while not in battle.

These items are obtained at certain points in the game, and allow hidden areas or pathways to be discovered, as well as destroy objects and solve puzzles.

Tools such as Brad's "kick boots" allow him to move large objects by hitting them, and Lilka's fire wand allows the player to light torches and activate switches from afar.

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