I haven't tried this myself but looking on the screenshots the characters look funny as they've become tiny which I do not prefer playing whatever the type is. If that's strategy it might be acceptable but you might be surprise with this release as they've changed the way Bleach looks from the previous franchise.

No one has actually wrote any reviews yet since it's new and none among the major sites tried yet, there actually is a preview article at gamespot but not really the detail everybody wants before buying it.

This is in japanese so dont ask me or even request for an english version because there isn't any. I had a hardtime putting this on adrive, it took me three freaking attempts just to put it and make it available here so hope you really enjoy playing this otherwise I'll be sad and Oh it is already patched and working on most of the firmwares.

In case it didn't work for you give me a shout and I'll see what I can do to help

Name: Bleach Soul Carnival 2.cso
Size: 1.1GB (1213521004 bytes)