Just another old racing game to fill this site up which is quite similar to Gran Turismo why do I say so? it's because I tried it myself and the experience is the same from controls to graphics, execution etc.

How the cars move are exactly similar to those of the new GT. As you start with Asphalt Urban 2 you will be amazed with how cool the graphics is as well as the music, I thought it's gonna be a great racing that awaits when actually played but when I was there to start the race I got well not so happy because I did not enjoy the mentioned similar release. Maybe it's because I am not into playing real simulation race, I am a fan of Need for Speed which almost all of the series I collected and played even on big consoles.

I had a glance at review sites but no such article are to be found on both so Im gonna give this a score myself and that's 4 a mediocre. If you played this yourselves help to give it a score by leaving it via the comments.

Name: Asphalt Urban GT 2.cso
Size: 345.8MB (362554166 bytes)