I thought this was retarded, It was requested by kent and I told him that it's in japanese but it's not so this can be enjoyed by everyone. There was an error when I was converting the file that's why I said I wasn't sure if it's gonna work. After trying it myself I got amazed with the music, although the environment is 2D I still appreciate the graphics.

It's unique compared to other old PS1's which copied or imitated the same concepts from each other. The main character is hermie whom you will control just like the old mario on nintendo you will need to get some stars which I am not sure what the purpose is and an egg that will follow you until you reach the end of the level those eggs can help in defeating the enemies you may encounter so make sure you dont ignore them they also help in getting the stars.

I spent finishing 2 levels and after that I quit already to get another game for me to upload more in this site. In closing I recommend this for you guys to try I tell you it's fun and unique so go and get it now!!!

Name: PSX Hermie Hopper Head.rar
Size: 265.4MB (278278827 bytes)