I saw this on a forum and had second thoughts publishing it here but when someone asked it to be uploaded then I did so. I don't know why, I never gave this a shot on my PS1 even though my brother bought a disc for me and said it is nice to play.

I already saw how it is played by my brother in law and when I knew it was rpg then I lost interest so why am I publishing it here? Well just want to make you folks happy lol.

Jut a warning I haven't the EBOOT myself and when I was converting, It converted itself to NTSC since it was PAL originally and there may be some issues there but I'm not 100% sure so I'm gonna need some feedback from you guys.

I read from wikipedia that Parasite Eve II is a survival horror type wondering if this is similar to resident evil is it? Correct me if I am wrong or maybe silent hill? It appears to be just saw the trailer.

Name: Disc 1.rar
Size: 428MB (448805635 bytes)

Name: Disc 2.rar
Size: 426.2MB (446850898 bytes)