Alright folks a cool mini for bow ling fanatics out there. I thought there will only be one bowling game for Playstation Portable which I published in the past called brunswick pro but when I saw this I realized I was wrong, I did not thought there will be upcoming releases but this is just a mini not like brunswick which is a real official.

This is just like a typical sport which you might have played on your mobile phone already but as the title speaks it's 3D meaning better looking graphics not the usual mobile phone with poorly developed graphics.

There are six modes that you can choose from which neither of them I am aware of because I haven't played it myself and never will because I am not interested lol I'm just publishing it :)

As a closing remark --> Hope you enjoy this game and happy playing :) :) :)

Name: Bowling 3D Usa Fix.iso
Size: 39.2MB (41103360 bytes)