Savage Moon The Hera Campaign PSPI think this is gonna be a great game to play if your into Strategy games like command and conquer, red alert etc. Someone asked if there is a dota game like for psp but there isn't so if you want a not so similar game, I suggest you try
Savage Moon The Hera Campaign on your psp.

If you remember Dune 2000 I think this is more similar to that which was made for the PlayStation 1, I am not sure if there were similar games on PS2 or PS3 and if there was I definitely missed them.

You may want to watch the trailer how the game looks and there you will have an idea how it is played and if you want to try it or not. Here is a link for screenshots from Gamespot and here's a decent review from IGN.

There isn't any ratings or score as this was just released last December 24, 2009.

Name: Savage Moon The Hera Campaign.iso
Size: 73.9MB (77443072 bytes)