State Shift PSPJust another filler as an update from this site, State Shift a racing game which has nothing new to offer. It's quite similar to Gripshift and Hot Wheels. I tried it myself and did not last for five minutes because it's boring and not so interesting to play.

If you've been at IGN and read the review you will notice that it was criticize as well they gave it a score of 5.5 a mediocre game and is not recommended. The developer could have made it better if it was new to the eyes of the gamers but it was just another racing game of which features we all have seen on other games.

Someone asked for this via the chatbox thanks to you I remember I had this already on my archive so I published it today but it appears you haven't downloaded this yet. Anyway just enjoy the game...

Name: State Shift USA.iso
Size: 105.7MB (110788608 bytes)