Dessi Adda Games of India for Sony PSP is now available for download from this site. As usual it's free I didn't know about this game until pranks from the chatbox asked for it.

It was difficult to find the game because it was only released in India I am not sure about that though. If they release it globally I am sure many will buy it as Indian's are scattered around the globe plus those who are curious to play the game and learn some Indian culture.

According to Playstation India Dessi Adda Games of India is an Action Adventure type of a game. It was released October 10, 2009 that's strange why was it not known globally well maybe I just missed it.

Anyway for those who are interested to play this game and want to learn some Indian culture then this game is for you download Dessi Adda Games of India for free now!!!

Name: Dessi Adda Games of India.iso
Size: 517.3MB (542439424 bytes)